Thursday, June 28, 2012

Seeing Stars!!

D.I.Y. Star Spangled Jeans!!!

Yesterday I was browsing through my stack of unread Us Weekly's and I came across this little section in the back that featured Current/Elliot's "The Star Stiletto Jeans". As soon as I saw these, I fell in love!! They are so so super cute and just in time for the 4th of July!!!  HOWEVER, these jeans are a little more on the pricey side at $218 bucks a pair!!! Ahh!! I know I don't have that kind of money to spend on jeans, So..... I am doing the next best thing and making them myself.....Oh, and I really think you should too!!!

Before you begin; Set a GOOD amount of time aside, and find a pair of jeans that you'd be willing to alter!!! Hint: I got mine at the thrift store!! 

Materials you'll need

Acrylic Paint Color of your choice. (I went for the Light Pink)
A pair of Jeans to your liking!!!(Can be red, white, blue, green, etc. Have fun with it!!!)
Paint Brush
3 x 3 inch Piece of thick Card stock
X-acto Knife
Star Template( )
Cup of Water (to rinse brush)
Old Rag (to wipe brush clean)

Step 1: 
Take the template you've printed and cut out your star with your X-acto Knife.

Step 2:
Trace your star onto your
Card stock and cut it out again.

Step 3: 
Reinforce your new template with tape. 
(I covered the whole thing with tape then cut it out, yet again, with my X-acto.) Set that aside and prep your jeans. 

Step 4:
Trace your jeans on your card board then cut that out about 1/4 inch inside of your lines. 

Step 5: 
Put your cardboard pieces in your jeans. (These make a nice flat surface to work with)  

Step 6: 
Tape your template down to the area you want to start at. 
(I started at the top, and worked my way down the leg, in a straight line)

Step 7: 
Once you are satisfied with your placement, you can start painting on your first star!!!

(I advise using painting strokes that go inward, from the points, to the middle of your star. This avoids paint from being pushed under your stars and messing you up!! :) Also, hold down your star in the areas you are painting (ex. point or edge, if you don't it will turn out a sloppy disaster!!!)

Step 8: 
Keep painting on your stars as you did the first, until you have 2 stripes of stars going down your pant legs. 

(Change your anchor tape every couple stars, so your template stays flat on your jeans. Also, dab the backside of your template every so often with a tissue, paint does get through sometimes, and this will help keep your star looking crisp!!!)

Step 9:
Let your stars dry!! 
And when they are, turn them over, and do the same to the backside!!!

(Line your backside stars up with your front stars!!!! VERY IMPORTANT for the sides to work out right!!!)

Step 10: 
Let dry again!!! 
(You can speed up drying time by using a hair dryer on cool!!!)

Step 11: 
Re-position your cardboard so that the side lines of your jeans are now laying flat.

Step 12: 
Start painting on your stars the same way you've been doing it, only this time, paint them in the middle of every 4 stars!!!
(You can see what I mean, from the picture above) 

Step 13: 
Dry, repeat on alternate side. 
Then do the same to the inside jean legs. 
Letting each side dry completely before the next!!! Then....

BAM!!! Star Spangled Jeans!!!!! 

(What do you think? Did I pull it off? I sure think so!!!!)


Now go, do as I did above!!! And you'll be rocking your very own Star Spangled Jeans in no time!!! 

Seeing Stars!!!

<3 Marcelina

P.s. I know the jeans in the article are bleached stars, but I tried to do bleach and that didn't work out so well!!! Paint did though!!!(At first your stars will look really bold , but over time they will break in and give a more worn in look!!!) So, if you want white stars like the original jeans in the article, I recommend just using white paint instead. It'll be so much faster and more guaranteed to come out right!!!:) 

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Par Avion!

Royal Air Mail From My Sister!!!

Like most people, I love getting mail!! No matter what I receive, when I get something in the mail, it is always a great surprise!!!(Unless it's bills/boring stuff!!)It's nice to hear from a pen pal, your grandparents, long lost friends, or family overseas.......That they were thinking of you, they saved an article you'd enjoy or just wanted to K.I.T. What feels more good than that? I also love thinking about my mail's little journey from where it was sent, guessing what cities/states/countries it had to go through, and who's hands touched it before it eventually reached mine. Because of work I am usually the one sending stuff out, but not today!!! Today, I got a package ALL THE WAY from Ireland!!! 

My Sister, Candice, is amazing!! She sent me the best package , and I had the funnest time opening it!!! (She lives in Ireland with her husband, Andy, and my sweet niece, Sophie. I miss them soooo much!!!!) Although it is hard to stay in contact all the time, we try to send packages/letters back and forth regularly, and I am so happy she sent this one to me!!! Without fail, my sister knows what I like!!! 

One of my favorite things in my package and the first to catch my eye!!! A Union Jack Flag!!! 
(Which I immediately posted to my bedroom wall)

These are bracelets from a brand carried at Primark called, Opia. The one's to the very right come in a 2 pack, while the one at the bottom left is a MIX & MATCH charm bracelet. I got an adorable pink headphone skull charm to go with it!!!
(I cannot wait to wear these!!!)   

Another Opia product!!!! A Feather Hair Clip!!! So fancy, I feel French!!! hahahah I am already conjuring up outfits in my head for this one!!!:)

MUA- Makeup Academy lipstick and eye shadow!!! The lipstick is Shade #4 and the shadow is my favorite #, Shade #11 Pearl!!!! Both go on silky smooth, are long lasting, and super inexpensive!!! I am not sure where she got these....... I was guessing, probably Primark, but you can find them at this site too!! I also don't know what brand the nail file is, but it is quite fetching!!!

I am on a Neon kick right now and I think my sister read my mind!!!! (I just bought running shorts that are the same exact colors as these scarfs!!!!) Again from Primark, these are made from a brand called Atmosphere, and have two toned neon skulls all over them!!!! I love these so much it is stupid really!!! They remind me of the late Alexander McQueen's <3 Signature Skull-Print Chiffon Scarfs!!!......I definitely cannot afford one of those, but these, I'm sure he would approve of!!! (They are alarmingly soft too!!! hahaha)

Now for the best part of my package!!!!

A birthday card signed from Candice, Andy, & Sophie!!!! Plus!!!!! A one of a kind masterpiece, "For Auntie LuLu", from Sophie!!!! This was definitely the best part of my package!!!! Getting to see and feel the pen strokes of the people I love most, is priceless!!!!We are so far apart, but when I look at these I know we are closer than we seem!!! Such a day brightener!!! This package lifted my day in ways you can't imagine!!! And it is also great motivation to get my packages out and off on their overseas adventure!!!!!!! 

<3 Marcelina

P.s. Who do you write letters or send packages to? Tell me about it!!! What kind of cool things have you sent or received? Also!!.....Send me your address and I'll write you a letter!!! (And a hand drawn picture, by yours truly!!! If you're lucky!!! hahah) Snail mail is a dying form of communication, let's keep it going!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Colors of The Wind.

A Little Lesson on Prayer Arrows!!

Hey Everyone!! Today I made a Prayer Arrow for someone I love and that could really use the Prayers right now! I learned how to make these on a trip to Tacoma, Washington last year, and I love them so much, I have made several since!! Now, I am not  sure of the exact Native American Rituals that go along with the concept of these, I only know what I was taught by the nice volunteer lady at Franciscan Hospice..... But what I am positive about is, Prayer Arrows have been around for years!!!   

I was told that a Prayer Arrow is an arrow made with love and a specific prayer in mind, for your self or someone else. Made mostly with materials from the earth, (i.e. Leaves, Feathers, Rocks) Prayer Arrows are said to have a powerful healing effect on not only the recipient but the creator as well!!!  I was also taught, you should keep your thoughts and heart focused on the person it is intended for the whole time you are binding your arrow. (This really gives you time to slowly process letting go of control in life, and leaving it in God's hands) To make one, the first thing you will need to do is, go out and find a branch that speaks to you. You will know it, when you see it!!! Then think of the prayer and person who will be receiving it. Write down your prayer on a slip of paper and let the healing begin!!! 

Before I tell you the materials you'll need I wanted to show a step that I did and you can do too!! Or skip if you'd like..... It really depends on the look or feel you are going for, or the type of tree you are working with. Once I choose my branch I whipped out my Dremel, picked off as much bark as I could, then sanded it. 

(I usually do this because I like using Sycamore Tree Branches and the bark always drys up and falls off. So, to avoid that I just sand it, plus it helps prime for my next step: Staining it)

I used a red wood furniture stain, from home depot, and an old sock to stain my branch. (I keep my stains and paints in small viles, so I don't always have to be pulling out and putting away huge containers!!)

Let your branch dry in the sun for about an hour, and while it is, get together the rest of your materials!!!

Color Matters!!!

Materials You'll Need:
Branch of your Hearts choice
A slip of paper (Big enough for your prayer to fit, but short enough to be covered by your string)
Pen or Pencil
Feathers (if you like)
Glass Beads (if you like) 
Colored thread or string (Raffia or hemp works good too!)
Wood or Elmer's Glue
Wood Stain & Old Sock or Rag(optional)
Sand Paper (optional)
Prayer (the most important thing!)

Ok, Now time for actual Step 1:
Take your piece of paper that you have written your prayer on, and as you are wrapping it around your branch, glue it down. 
This should take 5 minutes to dry, if that!!! (Make sure to wrap it as tight as you can to the branch and hold each place down as you glue) Keeping your prayer in your thoughts, your branch should look something like the top picture above!!! (Apparently, you are supposed to wrap your paper with the words side down, so the prayer is safe and hidden....I forgot to do that, I was busy praying!!!):)

Step 2: Start wrapping your first colored string around your branch. To anchor it down, simply wrap your string around the branch once, and hide the end underneath that wrap. (Easier to do than explain!! You can also just tie it around your branch, cut off the end and start wrapping it. Just make sure to hold it in place when you start, or your string will spin around instead) 

Step 3: Continue Step 2 until you have wrapped your branch with all your colored strings. 

Step 4: Add any additional adornments to your branch. That's the feathers, stones, etc. (I added small polished white glass beads to each end of my arrow, tying them off with string!!)

Once you feel satisfied with your Prayer Arrow, stand back and look at the beauty it holds!!!! It does not matter what you use on your arrow, it is going to turn out looking amazing!!! I have never seen one that I didn't love. And whoever you made it for is surely going to love it too!! Most of all though, this Prayer Arrow is coming from your heart, and that is so much more beautiful than any material possession in the universe!!

This is another Prayer Arrow I made last year for my army friend, Lee. (A lot bigger than the one I made above!!!) The feathers represent the sky, the amethyst represents the earth and the abalone shell represents the sea. Keeping him safe and with love nearby where ever he goes.

If you want to check out a couple other cool articles I found on Prayer Arrows and said rituals, go to: and

<3 Marcelina

Friday, June 15, 2012

In With the New!

My June Birchbox Review!!!

Today has been a day full of new and exciting things!! First thing when I woke up, I made myself a Caramel Frappachino at home with my new drink mix from Smart and Final. (I couldn't resist when I was out yesterday). So so Yummy!!! And a money saver too!!! I got the whole can of mix for $8, and it makes well over 25 drinks!!! I also bought Giradelli Caramel topping for $3 too, for the complete experience. This versus $4 at at Starbucks!?! Yes Please!!! No sooner than turning off the blender, another surprise arrived at my door!! My June Birchbox!!!!!

This month's Birchbox theme is "Jet Set" and it is full of new (convenient) beauty products!!!  The first thing I noticed when I opened my Birchbox, was the cute white airplane stamp pattern on the inside of the pink shipping box and the cover sleeve around the product box. ADORABLE!!! And it really got this theme going!!!.....I always love the different picture motifs they choose and this is such a great way to package items. (No hard to open tape or ribbon!!!)

When I opened my box, I was giddy to see what I saw first!!!  A Red and White Polka Dotted Head Band!!!Not any head band though, a 50's style bunny ear head band!!! The unique thing about this head band is, this thing come in 3 super cute retro prints, AND it has flexible wire in it!!! That means keeping your hair out of your face without having to spend loads of time or use uncomfortable head squeezing bands!!!(You know what I am talking about!!) You can pick one of these bad boys up at for $14 and at as well!!! I wore mine today and felt like "Rosie the Riveter" all day!!! hahahha 

Next thing I pulled out is definitely one of my favorite things I've ever gotten in a Birchbox and it is "Not a Perfume"!!! hahah Are you confused?? I was too when I first read this!!!.......After you know what it is, the name makes perfect scents!! haha (My stupid pun) The name of this fragrance is called "Not a Perfume" by Juliette has a Gun. And the reason it is named this is because it is actually a key back note in most perfumes!!!! Finally making it's front stage debut!!! The ingredient?........ It's none other than Ambroxan.........or Cetalox!!!! 

Another fun fact: ( One source of Ambroxan is Ambergris. Which  is a metabolic product of the sperm whale, and is considered one of the most valuable animal perfumes. Because of Whale protection programs, the use of Ambergris has been abolished but as you can see today, there are chemists out there that have searched for synthetic substitutes!!!! Read more at  

The result is this amazing Ambery scent that is so light, minimal and best part, Allergen-Free!!!! Words can't describe how amazing this product smells!!! It is warm, animal, exciting, mysterious and sexy!!! If you have the money and are in the market for a new fragrance, I HIGHLY recommend this one!!!! It takes the top spot from my old favorite, YSL Parisienne!!!! Sold in a 50ml bottle for $85 on or

This next item is "The Balm"!!!!!!! hahahha (I couldn't help myself!!) This is actually a hint of tint product by The Balm and it is called "Stainiac"!!!. Meant to take the place of your blush and lip stain for a, less is more summer beauty routine!!(I hate to say, although I was excited when I first saw this, I am not completely sold on the product.) As far as the lips, I have tried many products like this one that work 100% better than Stainiac,( for example Benefit or Tarte.) so for me this was a nice extra, but it will not become a staple in my make up bag...... And as for the cheeks, I kind of have a feeling it is going to have the same effect, splotchy and short lasting!!! At $17 a pop, I'd take my money and buy myself a bottle of Benetint instead!!! It lasts longer and will do what is says it should!!

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!!!!! That is what I think about Stila's "Stay All Day 10 in 1 Beauty Balm"!!!! With summer quickly approaching, keeping my makeup light and fresh is so important to do, and Before this magic serum came into my life I was struggling with finding a new routine. I was using my moisturizer, concealer, cover up,  loose powder and blush.  Making my skin feel heavy and smothered by the end of the day.....Now all I'll I have to do is apply my 10 in 1 Beauty Balm, maybe a little powder or bronzer/blush and I am ready to go!!!! This fantastic product primes, and moisturizes your skin while an anti-aging serum and sheer foundation, turn back the hands of time to make you feel as young as you look!!! $38 for 45 ml at or 

Last and definitely not least!!! Melvita, Rose Floral Water!!!! 
This light hydrating spray is specifically great for sensitive or aging skin. (Comes in 3 natural extracts for different purposes!!!) Just spritz this about an arms length away from your face or body, for an afternoon pick me up!! Use on a cotton ball as a spot treatment!!! Or spray around your home for a fresh natural garden smell!!! Talk about multi-tasker!!! $22 for a 6.76 oz bottle at or!!! This bottle is attached to my hip!!!

Have a Be-You-tiful Weekend!!!

<3 Marcelina

Saturday, June 9, 2012

It Don't Mean a Thing, If It Ain't Got That Swing!

My Love Affair with Second Hand Stores!!!

With me being so busy lately, (trying to make dreams come true), I really don't feel like I have much time for myself. So, I decided to get away today and  head to one of my most happy places on earth, for a mini vacation! And thankfully it is just a mile away from home. What is this happy place I speak of you ask? Well it's none other than, Goodwill, of course!!! hahah  

Goodwill holds a special place in my heart and always will. I have been an avid Goodwill shopper/lover since before I even knew what Goodwill was. When my sister and I were little girls, my Mom used to take us there all the time. I remember going up and down each isle, looking up in amazement at all the goods on the bricka-brack shelfs!!! Even back then, I wondered, who owned this item before it came here and what is it's story? Was it an old Christmas gift that went unused? Was it someones belongings who had passed? Or were there just really nice people out there, that liked to give away their stuff away? 

Now, as a Young Adult, all these things still run through my mind but it means so much more!!! Goodwill is a haven to me!!! Actually, Rewind.... All thrift stores/estate sales, etc are my safe havens!!! Whenever I walk into a Goodwill, I find myself getting lost in time.....Like nothing but me and what I am looking at matters!!!......All people seize to exist around me, all my worries dissolve and just like my little girl self, I once again stand in wonderment trying to figure out these unwanted items past. I could spend hours looking at the bottom of old glass collectibles for that certain makers mark, feeling every fabric for it's quality, and turning every page of that abandoned 1920's yearbook reminiscing on days gone by!!! 

Since I've been at it for awhile now, I've gotten to know the history of my purchases and I am partial to the Antique and Vintage pieces more than modern stuff. (Unless it completely jumps out to me). So, It was amazing to be able to get away for a bit today and do what I do best!!! 

 These were my latest loves to have found me....... 

Know Yo Antiques!!! hahah This book is a gem!!! It not only tells you how to date spot antiques by how they are manufactured. It has awesome pictures and tons of references for future thrifting!! (i.e. makers marks, companies no longer in business, etc).  The original book was written in 1967, and this is the 1972 8th printing. Can you believe the Kovels are still around today!!!!??? And going strong!!!  You can still purchase this book and so many others to help you grow your antique knowledge!!! Visit their website at!!!!!

OMG!!! Hand's down one of my greatest clothing finds. A Salvatore Ferragamo silk sweater shirt. I have no idea the date on this baby, and at first I did believe her to be Vintage. After looking at the tags though, she is probably just making the vintage cutoff!!! (If you've seen this one and know any info, let me know!!) And drum roll!!!!!! It's NEVER BEEN WORN!!!!

You can never have too many belts!!! The black leather belt is Ralph Lauren. The Brown leather belt is an unknown brand. The snake skin belt is a Vintage A.Brod. And my favorite is the Camel colored triangle clasp belt from Omega. (This belt will adjust to your waist or torso, without any annoying hanging straps). I picked up all of these for less than $5 total. It was 50% off day at my local thrift store!!!

This is the shirt that inspired my post title today!!! "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!!!" It reminds me of the flapper dresses women used to wear in the 20's. 
Connected Apparel top!!! Only $3.99!!!

 (Fun Fact: It is said that this 1931 composition by Duke Ellington, with lyrics by Irving Mills, is probably the first song to ever have the word "swing" in the title!!! The song became famous, "as the expression of a sentiment which prevailed among jazz musicians at the time.". And it introduced the term into everyday language and presaged the Swing Era by three years.) Fascinating!!!

"The Battle of the Kegs" was written in 1964, and has great vibrant illustrations!!! Written by Francis Hopkinson and Illustrated by Paul Galdone.
(It is an old American story book, poking fun at the British's Journey to Philadelphia. haha) For $1. I call that a steal!!!

This Early Vintage Sketchers bag screamed out to me from the luggage rack,  "Take me home"!!!!! So, I had to!!!:) $3.50 Yo!!!haha 

Dated 1928, Printed by The Cable Company in the U.S.A., and only $ 1? This one speaks for itself!!! <3 

Last but not least!!! I love this one so much, I can't bring myself to use it yet!!!! You really can't blame me either!! It
 is a 1979 Pillow case from Fine Art, with the words "Make Me Late for Breakfast". So cute right?? (This one was the priciest at $6.99!!! But well worth it!!)

I have never adored a pillow case so much!!!!

<3 Marcelina

P.S. Sorry this post is so long......Clearly, I am passionate about these things!!! hahah  I wanted to try and make up for me being M.I.A. too though!!So, I really hope you liked reading this and it inspires you to get out to the stores, take advantage of sales and see what goodies you can find!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pinching Pennies

D.I.Y. Leather Tassel Earrings for Under $3!!!!

So, I feel like I've always been a pretty thrifty person. And lately I've really been into trying to do and make more things that cost less. About 2 months ago, I took up couponing. And now every Sunday I impatiently wait for the newspaper to come, so I can see what great deals I'm about to score this week!! (Did I mention, this is all after a long night of watching "Extreme Couponing".?)hahah Laugh now, but coupons really help save money!!! I've stocked up on so many foods, drinks, shampoos, conditioners, candy, razors, band aids, vitamins, cottons balls, foil, makeup, dog food/treats and so many other things I use everyday......I will certainly be saving for months to come!!! 

Keeping on with the sparing spirit and Monday being Memorial Day and all,  I made an All American Dinner, Dessert, and Leftovers for 3 People. With all the ingredients totaling just under $8!!!! Now that's Thrifty!!!

So, today I wanted to share the penny pinching love and do a D.I.Y. Leather Earring Tutorial that you yourself can do at home for just under $3!!!! On this one you can improvise a lot to cut costs even more too!! The most expensive materials you will need is the leather and gold or silver plated jewelry findings. Both which you can substitute for a different kind of metal or faux leather. I love the way these earrings turned out in the end!!! And I really am so surprised that they cost so little to make!!! I made 2 pairs today and best believe I will be making more and posting them to my website and Etsy!! But for now, here's how YOU can make these fabulous leather tassel earrings at home!!! I hope you guys like these as much as I do, and feel free to comment with any questions or thoughts!!! 

Let's Get Started!!!!

Materials You'll Need:

X-Acto Knife or Box Cutter
Round Jewelers Pliers
Ungripped Jewelers Pliers
12 Jump Rings
4 Gold Plated Beads
2 Gold Plated Hollowed Out Spacer Beads
2 Fish Hook Earring Findings
(1) 10 inch x 2 inch piece of Leather
2 Gold Plated Pin Findings

Step 1:(Not Pictured) Cut your leather into 8 even, 10 inch long strips. (I suggest lining the back of your leather with painters tape before cutting. It makes your leather easier to cut. This is  where the ruler and X-acto knife will be used) 
Remove tape when done and
Set your leather strips aside for later. 

Step 2: Take one of your Stick Pin Findings and thread on 1 Gold Plated Round Bead. 
Followed by your Spacer Bead and another Gold Plated Round Bead. 
Repeat with other Stick Pin Finding.

Step 3: Take your Round Jewelers Pliers and finish off the ends to both your Pendants.

Step 4: Attach your Earring Findings to the Pendants you just made.  

Step 5: (1 Leather strip per 1 jump ring) 
Pull Leather Strip through Jump Ring.
At the top of your jump ring, with one side of your strip, Tie a knot around both strips. 
Repeat for all 8 Leather Strips. 
(When you are done doing that, your leather strips will look like the picture above)

Step 6: Take 4 of your Jump Rings and 
Attach 2 Leather Tassels per ring. 
Leaving you with 4 (2)Tassel Pendants. 

Step 7: With your remaining 2 Jump Rings, 
Attach 2 Leather Tassel Pendants per Jump Ring to each of your earrings. 

And Ta Da!!! Super Cute, Expensive Looking Leather Tassel Earrings for less than $3!!! 

(Just to show that I am telling the truth about the cost of these, I'll break down the cost for you.) 

I purchased the Fish Hook Earrings from Walmart in a 20 Pack for $2.00, making each Hook $ .10 each. $.20 total. I also got the Stick Pins from Walmart for $5.00 for 100, equaling $ .10 for 2. The Leather and Spacer Beads are from Ebay. The Leather was $3.98 for a 10 x 8 Piece. I only used 10 x 2 piece of Leather, worth $.99. And the Spacer Beads were $2.98 for 5, making it roughly $1.49 for 2. The Gold Plated Beads and Jump Rings, I got from Black Bear Haversack Trading Post online. Each Ring and Bead is less than half a penny, so I rounded the total of those to $.08. ($.01  per 2 Beads/Rings) That leaves me with a Grand Total Cost of $2.86!!!!!!!

Now, I know I did have to buy a lot of the materials I used, in bulk. Making it more than $3, but with buying in a larger quantity,  I will save more in the long run. And if you are looking to make these earrings, so will you!! Either way, like I always say....

Be Creative and You-nique!!!!:)

<3 Marcelina

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

You Know My Methods, Watson.

Make Your Own Secret Hollow Book 

Hello!!!! Sorry I've been gone for some days now!!! I've been busy being creative and working lots!!! Speaking of, Tuesday I was surfing the net in boredom. And I wasn't really looking up anything in particular, just typing in random things I like, to see what sort of things came up......I do that a lot when I've run out of ideas or inspiration when I am working....... I will just type in random words to see what the search engine comes up with. Surprisingly, with how much I am on the computer, I never fail to discover new things I've never done or seen before. This time was no different, I typed in the words "Book Crafts" and up popped this D.I.Y. Secret Compartment Tutorial from (I have seen these before but never thought I could make one) As soon as I saw it, I knew this would be my next project. So, I read the whole tutorial, got my camera and supplies out, and did a tutorial for all of you!!! 

I don't know if this is something any of you'd be interested in but I think it is such a cool idea!!! Secret Compartment books remind me of Sherlock Holmes Books,and Old Scary Movies (where the walls move, with hidden rooms behind them!!). For some reason they also make me think of the movie, "The Secret Garden". haha The idea of these are romantic too, for giving a secret special gift to your lover. Plus I love how sneaky they are!!! You can have all your life treasures sitting right next to you on the book shelf or table and no one would know!!! You can buy these online and probably at the store. But I like the idea of finding your own book to really make it your own!!! The key is to keep it your special hiding spot. Which means, no telling people!!(I know this is really hard because these are just so awesome!!!)

Alright, enough of me spouting on. (They'll be time for that as we go:).....Lets get started!!! 

Materials You'll Need:
X-acto Knife or Paper Cutting Utensil or some sort
The Book of your choice. (Thicker books take longer but you get a bigger compartment in the end)
All Purpose Glue (Elmer's, Mod Podge, Aleene's Tacky Glue)
Paint Brush
2 Plastic Storage Bags (Cut down the sides)
Scotch Tape (Not Pictured)

Step 1: Take the first 8-12 pages of your book and clip them to your book. (I chose page 11. That's my favorite #)

Step 2: Take your storage bag and wrap the pages you clipped to the side, to your hard cover. Tape your bag securely. (You don't want glue seeping in later) 

Step 3: Take your other storage bag and do the same to the back cover. Make sure to leave out a couple pages in the back, to secure to the cover. (I did not use storage bags on this book, but I did later, and they work soooo much better!!!)

Step 4: With your paint brush and glue, apply a generous layer of glue, to all 3 exposed edges of your book.
(Don't leave drippy runs of glue, that is too much!! )
Then take your book and set it some where safe to dry.
 (I let my books dry overnight, for about 10 hours.) 
Also!! Stack something heavy on top of your book. That way all the pages dry flat and  together!!

After a restful nights sleep, return to your book, and remove all plastic storage bags. 

Step 5: With your ruler and pencil, on the first page glued, trace your compartment outline. (I used the words on the page to help me keep my lines straight)

 This next step is the longest part and you will definitely need a chair, snack, or radio. I suggest all of the above!!! And lots of breaks!!! 

Step 6: Take your X-acto knife and cut along the marks you made on your page. (You should be able to remove 2 or 3 sheets at a time, depending on how deep you cut)
 Make sure to keep your corners clean and sharp, that will throw off your alignment quickly!!

Step 7: Continue to cut out sheet by sheet, until you are about 15 pages from the bottom of your glued pages. (Don't cut through these bottom pages. You need these pages for the hard bottom of your compartment)


I experimented a little and decided to not glue my book together before I cut out the pages. And guess what!!! That was 10x's faster/easier than Method #1. So just a tip. You may want to skip steps 1,2,3,& 4. Just until you've done step 5. Then go back to step 1. Like working backwards!!! 
(As I cut each page, I used the page before as a template.  Clothes pinning them to the cover, to keep them out of the way, as I worked) 

Ta Da!!! Your Very Own Secret Hollow Book!!
Now you can hide your Coins, Heirlooms, Passport, keepsakes. Whatever you find valuable. 

Just don't forget where you put it!!!

Be creative and You-nique!!!

<3 Marcelina

P.s. I'd chose a book that not everyone is going to want to look at and pick up. For example: I wouldn't use a Time Book, people always want to look at those. Now a Serial Killer book, No one is going to be curious about whats in that one!!