Saturday, June 9, 2012

It Don't Mean a Thing, If It Ain't Got That Swing!

My Love Affair with Second Hand Stores!!!

With me being so busy lately, (trying to make dreams come true), I really don't feel like I have much time for myself. So, I decided to get away today and  head to one of my most happy places on earth, for a mini vacation! And thankfully it is just a mile away from home. What is this happy place I speak of you ask? Well it's none other than, Goodwill, of course!!! hahah  

Goodwill holds a special place in my heart and always will. I have been an avid Goodwill shopper/lover since before I even knew what Goodwill was. When my sister and I were little girls, my Mom used to take us there all the time. I remember going up and down each isle, looking up in amazement at all the goods on the bricka-brack shelfs!!! Even back then, I wondered, who owned this item before it came here and what is it's story? Was it an old Christmas gift that went unused? Was it someones belongings who had passed? Or were there just really nice people out there, that liked to give away their stuff away? 

Now, as a Young Adult, all these things still run through my mind but it means so much more!!! Goodwill is a haven to me!!! Actually, Rewind.... All thrift stores/estate sales, etc are my safe havens!!! Whenever I walk into a Goodwill, I find myself getting lost in time.....Like nothing but me and what I am looking at matters!!!......All people seize to exist around me, all my worries dissolve and just like my little girl self, I once again stand in wonderment trying to figure out these unwanted items past. I could spend hours looking at the bottom of old glass collectibles for that certain makers mark, feeling every fabric for it's quality, and turning every page of that abandoned 1920's yearbook reminiscing on days gone by!!! 

Since I've been at it for awhile now, I've gotten to know the history of my purchases and I am partial to the Antique and Vintage pieces more than modern stuff. (Unless it completely jumps out to me). So, It was amazing to be able to get away for a bit today and do what I do best!!! 

 These were my latest loves to have found me....... 

Know Yo Antiques!!! hahah This book is a gem!!! It not only tells you how to date spot antiques by how they are manufactured. It has awesome pictures and tons of references for future thrifting!! (i.e. makers marks, companies no longer in business, etc).  The original book was written in 1967, and this is the 1972 8th printing. Can you believe the Kovels are still around today!!!!??? And going strong!!!  You can still purchase this book and so many others to help you grow your antique knowledge!!! Visit their website at!!!!!

OMG!!! Hand's down one of my greatest clothing finds. A Salvatore Ferragamo silk sweater shirt. I have no idea the date on this baby, and at first I did believe her to be Vintage. After looking at the tags though, she is probably just making the vintage cutoff!!! (If you've seen this one and know any info, let me know!!) And drum roll!!!!!! It's NEVER BEEN WORN!!!!

You can never have too many belts!!! The black leather belt is Ralph Lauren. The Brown leather belt is an unknown brand. The snake skin belt is a Vintage A.Brod. And my favorite is the Camel colored triangle clasp belt from Omega. (This belt will adjust to your waist or torso, without any annoying hanging straps). I picked up all of these for less than $5 total. It was 50% off day at my local thrift store!!!

This is the shirt that inspired my post title today!!! "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!!!" It reminds me of the flapper dresses women used to wear in the 20's. 
Connected Apparel top!!! Only $3.99!!!

 (Fun Fact: It is said that this 1931 composition by Duke Ellington, with lyrics by Irving Mills, is probably the first song to ever have the word "swing" in the title!!! The song became famous, "as the expression of a sentiment which prevailed among jazz musicians at the time.". And it introduced the term into everyday language and presaged the Swing Era by three years.) Fascinating!!!

"The Battle of the Kegs" was written in 1964, and has great vibrant illustrations!!! Written by Francis Hopkinson and Illustrated by Paul Galdone.
(It is an old American story book, poking fun at the British's Journey to Philadelphia. haha) For $1. I call that a steal!!!

This Early Vintage Sketchers bag screamed out to me from the luggage rack,  "Take me home"!!!!! So, I had to!!!:) $3.50 Yo!!!haha 

Dated 1928, Printed by The Cable Company in the U.S.A., and only $ 1? This one speaks for itself!!! <3 

Last but not least!!! I love this one so much, I can't bring myself to use it yet!!!! You really can't blame me either!! It
 is a 1979 Pillow case from Fine Art, with the words "Make Me Late for Breakfast". So cute right?? (This one was the priciest at $6.99!!! But well worth it!!)

I have never adored a pillow case so much!!!!

<3 Marcelina

P.S. Sorry this post is so long......Clearly, I am passionate about these things!!! hahah  I wanted to try and make up for me being M.I.A. too though!!So, I really hope you liked reading this and it inspires you to get out to the stores, take advantage of sales and see what goodies you can find!!!

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