Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pinching Pennies

D.I.Y. Leather Tassel Earrings for Under $3!!!!

So, I feel like I've always been a pretty thrifty person. And lately I've really been into trying to do and make more things that cost less. About 2 months ago, I took up couponing. And now every Sunday I impatiently wait for the newspaper to come, so I can see what great deals I'm about to score this week!! (Did I mention, this is all after a long night of watching "Extreme Couponing".?)hahah Laugh now, but coupons really help save money!!! I've stocked up on so many foods, drinks, shampoos, conditioners, candy, razors, band aids, vitamins, cottons balls, foil, makeup, dog food/treats and so many other things I use everyday......I will certainly be saving for months to come!!! 

Keeping on with the sparing spirit and Monday being Memorial Day and all,  I made an All American Dinner, Dessert, and Leftovers for 3 People. With all the ingredients totaling just under $8!!!! Now that's Thrifty!!!

So, today I wanted to share the penny pinching love and do a D.I.Y. Leather Earring Tutorial that you yourself can do at home for just under $3!!!! On this one you can improvise a lot to cut costs even more too!! The most expensive materials you will need is the leather and gold or silver plated jewelry findings. Both which you can substitute for a different kind of metal or faux leather. I love the way these earrings turned out in the end!!! And I really am so surprised that they cost so little to make!!! I made 2 pairs today and best believe I will be making more and posting them to my website and Etsy!! But for now, here's how YOU can make these fabulous leather tassel earrings at home!!! I hope you guys like these as much as I do, and feel free to comment with any questions or thoughts!!! 

Let's Get Started!!!!

Materials You'll Need:

X-Acto Knife or Box Cutter
Round Jewelers Pliers
Ungripped Jewelers Pliers
12 Jump Rings
4 Gold Plated Beads
2 Gold Plated Hollowed Out Spacer Beads
2 Fish Hook Earring Findings
(1) 10 inch x 2 inch piece of Leather
2 Gold Plated Pin Findings

Step 1:(Not Pictured) Cut your leather into 8 even, 10 inch long strips. (I suggest lining the back of your leather with painters tape before cutting. It makes your leather easier to cut. This is  where the ruler and X-acto knife will be used) 
Remove tape when done and
Set your leather strips aside for later. 

Step 2: Take one of your Stick Pin Findings and thread on 1 Gold Plated Round Bead. 
Followed by your Spacer Bead and another Gold Plated Round Bead. 
Repeat with other Stick Pin Finding.

Step 3: Take your Round Jewelers Pliers and finish off the ends to both your Pendants.

Step 4: Attach your Earring Findings to the Pendants you just made.  

Step 5: (1 Leather strip per 1 jump ring) 
Pull Leather Strip through Jump Ring.
At the top of your jump ring, with one side of your strip, Tie a knot around both strips. 
Repeat for all 8 Leather Strips. 
(When you are done doing that, your leather strips will look like the picture above)

Step 6: Take 4 of your Jump Rings and 
Attach 2 Leather Tassels per ring. 
Leaving you with 4 (2)Tassel Pendants. 

Step 7: With your remaining 2 Jump Rings, 
Attach 2 Leather Tassel Pendants per Jump Ring to each of your earrings. 

And Ta Da!!! Super Cute, Expensive Looking Leather Tassel Earrings for less than $3!!! 

(Just to show that I am telling the truth about the cost of these, I'll break down the cost for you.) 

I purchased the Fish Hook Earrings from Walmart in a 20 Pack for $2.00, making each Hook $ .10 each. $.20 total. I also got the Stick Pins from Walmart for $5.00 for 100, equaling $ .10 for 2. The Leather and Spacer Beads are from Ebay. The Leather was $3.98 for a 10 x 8 Piece. I only used 10 x 2 piece of Leather, worth $.99. And the Spacer Beads were $2.98 for 5, making it roughly $1.49 for 2. The Gold Plated Beads and Jump Rings, I got from Black Bear Haversack Trading Post online. Each Ring and Bead is less than half a penny, so I rounded the total of those to $.08. ($.01  per 2 Beads/Rings) That leaves me with a Grand Total Cost of $2.86!!!!!!!

Now, I know I did have to buy a lot of the materials I used, in bulk. Making it more than $3, but with buying in a larger quantity,  I will save more in the long run. And if you are looking to make these earrings, so will you!! Either way, like I always say....

Be Creative and You-nique!!!!:)

<3 Marcelina

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