Friday, June 15, 2012

In With the New!

My June Birchbox Review!!!

Today has been a day full of new and exciting things!! First thing when I woke up, I made myself a Caramel Frappachino at home with my new drink mix from Smart and Final. (I couldn't resist when I was out yesterday). So so Yummy!!! And a money saver too!!! I got the whole can of mix for $8, and it makes well over 25 drinks!!! I also bought Giradelli Caramel topping for $3 too, for the complete experience. This versus $4 at at Starbucks!?! Yes Please!!! No sooner than turning off the blender, another surprise arrived at my door!! My June Birchbox!!!!!

This month's Birchbox theme is "Jet Set" and it is full of new (convenient) beauty products!!!  The first thing I noticed when I opened my Birchbox, was the cute white airplane stamp pattern on the inside of the pink shipping box and the cover sleeve around the product box. ADORABLE!!! And it really got this theme going!!!.....I always love the different picture motifs they choose and this is such a great way to package items. (No hard to open tape or ribbon!!!)

When I opened my box, I was giddy to see what I saw first!!!  A Red and White Polka Dotted Head Band!!!Not any head band though, a 50's style bunny ear head band!!! The unique thing about this head band is, this thing come in 3 super cute retro prints, AND it has flexible wire in it!!! That means keeping your hair out of your face without having to spend loads of time or use uncomfortable head squeezing bands!!!(You know what I am talking about!!) You can pick one of these bad boys up at for $14 and at as well!!! I wore mine today and felt like "Rosie the Riveter" all day!!! hahahha 

Next thing I pulled out is definitely one of my favorite things I've ever gotten in a Birchbox and it is "Not a Perfume"!!! hahah Are you confused?? I was too when I first read this!!!.......After you know what it is, the name makes perfect scents!! haha (My stupid pun) The name of this fragrance is called "Not a Perfume" by Juliette has a Gun. And the reason it is named this is because it is actually a key back note in most perfumes!!!! Finally making it's front stage debut!!! The ingredient?........ It's none other than Ambroxan.........or Cetalox!!!! 

Another fun fact: ( One source of Ambroxan is Ambergris. Which  is a metabolic product of the sperm whale, and is considered one of the most valuable animal perfumes. Because of Whale protection programs, the use of Ambergris has been abolished but as you can see today, there are chemists out there that have searched for synthetic substitutes!!!! Read more at  

The result is this amazing Ambery scent that is so light, minimal and best part, Allergen-Free!!!! Words can't describe how amazing this product smells!!! It is warm, animal, exciting, mysterious and sexy!!! If you have the money and are in the market for a new fragrance, I HIGHLY recommend this one!!!! It takes the top spot from my old favorite, YSL Parisienne!!!! Sold in a 50ml bottle for $85 on or

This next item is "The Balm"!!!!!!! hahahha (I couldn't help myself!!) This is actually a hint of tint product by The Balm and it is called "Stainiac"!!!. Meant to take the place of your blush and lip stain for a, less is more summer beauty routine!!(I hate to say, although I was excited when I first saw this, I am not completely sold on the product.) As far as the lips, I have tried many products like this one that work 100% better than Stainiac,( for example Benefit or Tarte.) so for me this was a nice extra, but it will not become a staple in my make up bag...... And as for the cheeks, I kind of have a feeling it is going to have the same effect, splotchy and short lasting!!! At $17 a pop, I'd take my money and buy myself a bottle of Benetint instead!!! It lasts longer and will do what is says it should!!

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!!!!! That is what I think about Stila's "Stay All Day 10 in 1 Beauty Balm"!!!! With summer quickly approaching, keeping my makeup light and fresh is so important to do, and Before this magic serum came into my life I was struggling with finding a new routine. I was using my moisturizer, concealer, cover up,  loose powder and blush.  Making my skin feel heavy and smothered by the end of the day.....Now all I'll I have to do is apply my 10 in 1 Beauty Balm, maybe a little powder or bronzer/blush and I am ready to go!!!! This fantastic product primes, and moisturizes your skin while an anti-aging serum and sheer foundation, turn back the hands of time to make you feel as young as you look!!! $38 for 45 ml at or 

Last and definitely not least!!! Melvita, Rose Floral Water!!!! 
This light hydrating spray is specifically great for sensitive or aging skin. (Comes in 3 natural extracts for different purposes!!!) Just spritz this about an arms length away from your face or body, for an afternoon pick me up!! Use on a cotton ball as a spot treatment!!! Or spray around your home for a fresh natural garden smell!!! Talk about multi-tasker!!! $22 for a 6.76 oz bottle at or!!! This bottle is attached to my hip!!!

Have a Be-You-tiful Weekend!!!

<3 Marcelina

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