Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Par Avion!

Royal Air Mail From My Sister!!!

Like most people, I love getting mail!! No matter what I receive, when I get something in the mail, it is always a great surprise!!!(Unless it's bills/boring stuff!!)It's nice to hear from a pen pal, your grandparents, long lost friends, or family overseas.......That they were thinking of you, they saved an article you'd enjoy or just wanted to K.I.T. What feels more good than that? I also love thinking about my mail's little journey from where it was sent, guessing what cities/states/countries it had to go through, and who's hands touched it before it eventually reached mine. Because of work I am usually the one sending stuff out, but not today!!! Today, I got a package ALL THE WAY from Ireland!!! 

My Sister, Candice, is amazing!! She sent me the best package , and I had the funnest time opening it!!! (She lives in Ireland with her husband, Andy, and my sweet niece, Sophie. I miss them soooo much!!!!) Although it is hard to stay in contact all the time, we try to send packages/letters back and forth regularly, and I am so happy she sent this one to me!!! Without fail, my sister knows what I like!!! 

One of my favorite things in my package and the first to catch my eye!!! A Union Jack Flag!!! 
(Which I immediately posted to my bedroom wall)

These are bracelets from a brand carried at Primark called, Opia. The one's to the very right come in a 2 pack, while the one at the bottom left is a MIX & MATCH charm bracelet. I got an adorable pink headphone skull charm to go with it!!!
(I cannot wait to wear these!!!)   

Another Opia product!!!! A Feather Hair Clip!!! So fancy, I feel French!!! hahahah I am already conjuring up outfits in my head for this one!!!:)

MUA- Makeup Academy lipstick and eye shadow!!! The lipstick is Shade #4 and the shadow is my favorite #, Shade #11 Pearl!!!! Both go on silky smooth, are long lasting, and super inexpensive!!! I am not sure where she got these....... I was guessing, probably Primark, but you can find them at this site too!! I also don't know what brand the nail file is, but it is quite fetching!!!

I am on a Neon kick right now and I think my sister read my mind!!!! (I just bought running shorts that are the same exact colors as these scarfs!!!!) Again from Primark, these are made from a brand called Atmosphere, and have two toned neon skulls all over them!!!! I love these so much it is stupid really!!! They remind me of the late Alexander McQueen's <3 Signature Skull-Print Chiffon Scarfs!!!......I definitely cannot afford one of those, but these, I'm sure he would approve of!!! (They are alarmingly soft too!!! hahaha)

Now for the best part of my package!!!!

A birthday card signed from Candice, Andy, & Sophie!!!! Plus!!!!! A one of a kind masterpiece, "For Auntie LuLu", from Sophie!!!! This was definitely the best part of my package!!!! Getting to see and feel the pen strokes of the people I love most, is priceless!!!!We are so far apart, but when I look at these I know we are closer than we seem!!! Such a day brightener!!! This package lifted my day in ways you can't imagine!!! And it is also great motivation to get my packages out and off on their overseas adventure!!!!!!! 

<3 Marcelina

P.s. Who do you write letters or send packages to? Tell me about it!!! What kind of cool things have you sent or received? Also!!.....Send me your address and I'll write you a letter!!! (And a hand drawn picture, by yours truly!!! If you're lucky!!! hahah) Snail mail is a dying form of communication, let's keep it going!!!

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