Saturday, May 19, 2012

Written in Stone

Carve Out Your Memories in Stone!!

Today was such a beautiful day, I just had to do my tutorial outside. And since I was outdoors, I also wanted to do something that incorporated nature.  Ever since I was little I've been playing and creating outside, so I love using elements around me to make new things. Plus, I already know what spots to hit up for the best craft supplies!! And my first stop today was no further than my own front yard. Literally!!  I collected about a dozen flat stones, (only the ones I thought were pretty), and broke out my Dremel!! I don't know what the Original name for these are. Some people call them "serenity stones", others call them "worry, pocket or word stones". But I like to call them "hope rocks"!! 

What they are, are personal engraved stones that usually hold a single powerful word such as "Beauty", "Love", "Destiny", "Peace", whatever you chose!!! As long as the stone has special meaning or significance to the recipient:) These stones are usually polished, but that does not mean they have to be. I like both looks but I did find it was easier to cover my mistakes with the natural stone opposed to the polished ones. Hope Rocks are often given as mementos, congratulations,  thanks, party favors, and so much more!!!

 Personally I think I am going to start a hope rock basket, full of stones with different words or sayings. That way when my friends and family come over we can make a game of it, and try to piece together funny phrases/sayings!!! I might also let them have a go at making their own stones to add to my basket. You don't have to be a pro at this to do it, you just have to be creative!! Read my tutorial, look at the pics, and give it a go!!!  If you have any questions on how to do this yourself, tips, or anything. Just comment and I'll be happy to help!!! :)

Your goggles should surround your eyes and leave no room for any particles to get in your eyes while you are working. (Mine are NOT the right goggles to be using, this is a magnified lens hobby head set)

Materials You'll Need:
Dremel (Mine is the Dremel 3000, Purchased at Home Depot for $70 as a kit)
Dremel Wrench
Small Flat Stones
Pencil (and Sharpener)
Painters Mask 
Little bowl or spray bottle of water
A Radio (For your amusement) :)

Step 1: With your pencil sketch your powerful word on your stone.
(I found it easier to do one letter at a time, because the water usually wipes away the letters anyway) 

Step 2: Keep Calm!! You are in for the long haul!!! 
Turn on your Dremel and lightly start to etch your letter into your stone. (Keep your stone on a steady surface, always holding it with one hand.) After you have made your light etch, start using the water to clean up the area you are working with. I suggest putting it in a spray bottle.  (This makes it so much easier to see what you are actually doing and it keeps the little dusty particles down!!) The best way I can describe how to get the cleanest carve, is to go over and over your letter like you would with a pencil on paper. (The more you go over it the deeper and/or thicker the engraving mark is going to be.) Continue until you are satisfied with your work. Then, move on, because you have a lot more letters to do!! And don't forget to keep using the water!!! It helps so much!!! 

Step 3: Sketch out your next letter, and repeat step 2 until you have finished your stones. (Eventually, I gave up on sketching my letters and did it by eye. You can tell!!! hahah ) Also very important, Spacing!!! Make sure your word is going to fit on your stone BEFORE you start to Dremel!!! 

Ta Da!!!! My very own Hope Rocks!!!!
 (I did a saying, to start my basket. )

"Keep Calm and Carry On"

<3 Marcelina

Note: If you really want to do this but don't have a Dremel of your own. Ask your dad, your neighbor, your boyfriend, or your buddy to borrow theirs. Have them give you a quick lesson on how to use a Dremel too!! It's not hard, but there are certain safety precautions that you should know before operating. 

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