Friday, May 11, 2012

Whip Lash

Leather Spike Necklace Tutorial

Hello again!!! Still have no idea of what I am doing!! Haha…… But I did think of another Step by Step tutorial to do for all of you, in the meantime!!! And this one is really awesome!! You only need a few things,  and if you don’t have everything handy you can improvise like crazy to get the same look!!! If you are into rock, or bohemian type of jewelry, you will love this piece!!! I think it has a very  earthy, bold, rebellion, look to it!!! While also staying feminine!!!
I just ordered a bunch of leather pieces on eBay last week and was trying to think of something to make. Something that would not only be simple, but unique as well.  At last!!! An awesome statement necklace, that you can D.I.Y.!!! I love it so much!!! And I really hope you do too!!! So with out further ado!!

 Let’s get started!!

Materials you’ll need:

Leather Piece (about 3x 6)
15 inch of chain 
11 jump rings
11 gold spike findings 
(5 large, 4 medium, 2 small)
1 clasp set 
Small Hammer 
Small hole punch (sorry I left out of picture)
And a Pencil

Step 1: Measure out your piece of leather 3 x 6. 
Cut out, and apply tape to the suede side of leather. 
(I recommend using painters tape instead of scotch, it's easier to peel off later!)

Step 2, 3, & 4: 
*Take your protractor and 
draw out a half circle on your leather. (Side with tape)
Cut out pattern. 

*Take your spikes and lay out the pattern of how you want them hung. 
Mark your leather in each area. 

* Punch holes, about 5mm in, on the 11 areas you marked. 
Also!! Punch 2 holes about 5mm x 5mm in at the top corners, for chain attachment. 

Step 5: Remove tape from the back of your leather.
Attach your clasp to your chain, and your chain to your leather.
Then.... Start attaching your spike findings!!!
 (a tip: to remember your spike pattern….Take a picture before, of them all laid out!!!)


ECCO!! There you go!!

“In a frenzied madness, with your leather and your spikes. Heads are bobbing all around
It's hot as Hell tonight”

P.S. You can add or remove as many spikes as you want!! Just make sure you adjust your jump ring and hole count too!!! You can also use faux leather if don't like using real leather or don't have any. Again I got my spikes and leather on ebay last week. I believe I paid $ 6 in total for all the stuff for this necklace, and I have plenty to make about 2 more necklaces!!! So such a good deal!!  Last but not least, of course you can use what ever kind if pendants you want, I just used these because they are low cost with high impact results!! hahhaah 

Have fun and be creative!!!

<3 Marcelina

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